Annabelle Rose Sheer Bodysuit Cosmid

Annabelle Rose does many things to me, makes me drool, makes me excited. She's a tattooed model on Cosmid, but she's also all natural and very much the type of girl who would rather be naked than clothed. Hey I like her bodysuit but I agree.I am not sure what I can say about this girl that she doesn't tell you herself in her first video.. The main thing that I take away from this girl is that she is amazingly cute, has a ton of hobbies and things that she likes to do and is really sexy. She has a beautiful smile, a beautiful body and an amazing personalty. She is Annabelle Rose and I think you will totally fall in love with her from the first time that you see her.. I think we have been on a pretty good run here lately with our new girls and it just keeps getting better with Annabelle Rose ... what a find. Enjoy.
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